Church of England

Lammas St Andrew

Lakenham St Alban

Lakenham St John the Baptist

Lakenham St Mark

Langham St Mary and St Andrew

Langley St Michael and All Saints

Larling St Ethelbert

Lessingham All Saints

Letheringsett St Andrew

Limpenhoe St Botolph

Lingwood St Peter

Litcham All Saints

Little Barningham St Andrew

Little Cressingham St Andrew

Little Dunham St Margaret

Little Ellingham St Peter

Little Fransham All Saints

Little Massingham St Andrew

Little Melton St Mary and All Saints

Little Plumstead St Protase and St Gervase

Little Snoring St Andrew

Little Walsingham St Mary and All Saints

Loddon Holy Trinity

Long Stratton St Mary

Longham St Andrew and St Peter

Ludham St Catherine

Lyng St Margaret

In Trust - Other Use

Little Witchingham St Faith

Lenwade St Faith

Visible Ruins

Langford St Andrew - STANTA

Little Ryburgh All Saints

Lyng St Edmund chapel