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Church of England

Earlham St Anne

Earlham St Elizabeth

Earlham St Mary

Earsham All Saints

East Barsham All Saints

East Bilney St Mary

East Bradenham St Mary

East Carleton St Mary

East Dereham St Nicholas

East Harling St Peter and St Paul

East Lexham St Andrew

East Raynham St Mary

East Rudham St Mary

East Runton St Andrew

East Tuddenham All Saints

East Walton St Mary

East Winch All Saints

East Wretham St Ethelbert

Easton St Peter

Eaton St Andrew

Eaton Christchurch

Eccles St Mary

Edgefield St Peter and St Paul

Edingthorpe All Saints

Ellingham St Mary

Elsing St Mary

Emneth St Edmund

Erpingham St Mary

In Trust

East Ruston St Mary

Visible Ruins

East Beckham St Helen

East Carleton St Peter

East Somerton St Mary

East Walton St Andrew chapel

Edgefield St Peter and St Paul

Egmere St Edmund

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