Church of England

Fakenham St Peter and St Paul

Felbrigg St Margaret

Felmingham St Andrew

Felthorpe St Margaret

Feltwell St Mary

Fersfield St Andrew

Field Dalling St Andrew

Filby All Saints

Fincham St Martin

Fishley St Mary

Fleggburgh St Margaret

Flitcham St Mary

Flordon St Michael

Forncett End St Edmund

Forncett St Mary, St Mary

Forncett St Peter, St Peter

Foulden All Saints

Foulsham Holy Innocents

Foxley St Thomas

Framingham Earl St Andrew

Framingham Pigot St Andrew

Freethorpe All Saints

Frettenham St Swithin

Fring All Saints

Fritton St Catherine

Fritton St Edmund

Fulmodeston Christchurch

Fundenhall St Nicholas

In Trust

Feltwell St Nicholas

Fordham St Mary

Frenze St Andrew

Visible Ruins

Fulmodeston St Mary

Churches of Norfolk compiled by Bob Mitchell - 2020

with a little bit of help from my churchcrawling friends